About Us

Learn HVAC is a project of the Institute for Sustainable Building Performance (ISBP), located in Berkeley, CA. ISBP is assisted in development by McQuillen Interactive, located in Santa Cruz, CA.

The Institute for Sustainable Building Performance

The Institute for Building Performance combines over 30 years of technical experience in energy efficient buildings with cutting-edge skills in (1) energy analysis, (2) interactive computer-based education (CBE) software, and (3) sustainable building design. The ISBP staff is LEED certified by the US Green Building Council.

For more information on Learn HVAC or the Institute for Buildling Performance, email us at Email us at info at insbp dot org.

McQuillen Interactive

McQuillen Interactive

McQuillen Interactive is an interactive design company that specializes in creating educational experiences, with a special focus on simulations.

McQuillen Interactive combines strong application design experience, user interface expertise and programming skills (Flex, ActionScript 3.0, Ruby on Rails and MySQL) to create educational tools that make complex things clear.