Installation Instructions

There are two parts to Learn HVAC: the interactive desktop-based client and the Learn HVAC "Instructor Site" web application. Both are under active development.

The Learn HVAC Client is a Flash-based desktop application. The client can run in a stand-alone mode, or can communicate with any Learn HVAC Instructor Site web application.

The Learn HVAC Instructor Site contains learning scenarios that can be created and modified by an instructor.

Currently, we are only offering the client for download. At a later date we may offer the Instructor Site application for download such that you may host your own Instructor Site web application.

In the meantime, you can use the Learn HVAC client with the existing Instructor Site hosted by SuPerB.

There are two essential steps to getting started with the Learn HVAC client and the Learn HVAC instructor site.

  1. Create an Account: By creating an account on this website, you will be given access to the Instructor Site when using the Learn HVAC client.
  2. Download Client : After signing up, download and install the Learn HVAC desktop client. Currently the client only runs on Windows

The instructions below explain the different parts of Learn HVAC in more detail.

Downloading the Learn HVAC Client

Go to the login page to download Learn HVAC.

Create a user account if you don't already have one.

From the Scenarios page, you will see a download button which will download an installer.

Run the installer.

Running the Learn HVAC Client

Once you launch Learn HVAC you'll view an initial login screen.

If log on with the account you created for the Instructor Site, you can then download the scenarios you created on the Instructor Site.

You can also login in as "guest", but will only have access to the sample Scenario files that are included in the installation.

For more information on using the Learn HVAC client, please see the Using Learn HVAC page .

Installing the Learn HVAC Instructor Tool Server

The Instructor Tool website is not yet available for downloading. When we do make this code available, you will be able to create your own Instructor Site and manage the scenarios it contains and users who have access to it.